Living with Parkinson’s Disease

By Dan Vincent, PTA From the farmlands of Iowa to the mountains of Idaho, affecting everyone from small-town farmers to celebrities such as the late Muhammad Ali, Parkinson’s Disease (PD) targets the motor component of the central nervous system (CNS) with progressive neurodegeneration (Goodman and Marshall, 2017).  This article provides an overview of Parkinson’s Disease […]

Theories on Developing Good Habits

Theories on Developing Good Habits By Savannah Kisling, DPT It’s not uncommon to want to make a behavior or habit change in order to improve your well-being or health. What have psychologists and health care professionals found to be the pathways to success? Well, that’s a hard question to answer! Many theories have been developed […]

Vegetarian Taco Bowls

These taco bowls are easy and healthy.  Sautéed veggies are used instead of meat, so they are very low fat and economical without sacrificing any flavor. Ingredients: 2 cups sliced crimini mushrooms 1 cup chopped red bell pepper ½ cup chopped onion 1 tbsp of olive oil ¼ cup taco seasoning 1 tsp smoked paprika […]

Physical Activity for Older Adults

By:  Savannah Kisling, DPT Movement is the key to remaining as independent as possible through the golden years. Physical activity can help regulate diabetes, improve cardiovascular health, and improve bone and joint health.  Exercise is also very beneficial in preventing Geriatric Frailty; a predictor of increased risk for death or illness. Beginning in the third […]

Boxing: Making an Impact in Physical Therapy

By Daniel Vincent, PTA Boxing is a full-body fitness and rehabilitation strategy that, in addition to general fitness, can be applied to a variety of conditions seen and treated by Physical Therapists and Physical Therapy Assistants. Boxing has health applications for both neurologic and pathologic conditions, with significant research focusing on four common conditions addressed […]

Baked Acorn Squash

Heart healthy baked acorn squash recipe, that’s easy to make! Ingredients: Acorn Squash Pure Maple Syrup Pepper Directions: Prepare the squash.  Wash the squash (you don’t know where it’s been).  Make 2 slits in a groove and microwave for 3 minutes.  This softens the squash just enough to cut it easier.  Cut it in half […]

Air Fried Zucchini

Air Fried Zucchini Heart Healty air-fired zucchini recipe. *Note – An egg substitute (flaxseed & water) is used to lower fat and cholesterol.  Flax seeds are rich in Omega 3 and protein.  A regular egg and milk can also be used. TIP – My preference is to season the ingredient and not the dredging flour […]

Authentic Marinara Sauce

Authentic marinara sauce recipe that is easy to make and so much better than the jarred stuff! Note:  Italians generally don’t measure; we cook by feel.  These measurements are approximate.  Taste your food often and adjust to what you like.  Fresh herbs are always better.  I don’t use oregano in this because it’s such a […]

Journey to Better Heart Health

We’ll be posting heart healthy recipes to help you on your journey to better health.  Here is the story about how this began for us… People were shocked, SHOCKED when they heard that I switched my diet from a full-on carnivorous, fatty diet to a Whole Food Plant-Based (WFPB) diet. After all, I am an […]

Quality of Care in Rehab by Ian Campbell

What Quality Care Means in Rehabilitation One can drive through their city and likely notice multiple physical therapy (PT) clinics. Some may be privately owned and operated, others run by local hospitals. In the United States alone, rehabilitation is estimated to be a $30 billion industry, with an annual growth rate of 5% or higher. […]