April is Occupational Therapy (OT) month!

Written by:  Trisha Ostrander, OTD, CHT

Occupational therapy practitioners help people manage their health to be as active and independent as possible.” They look at everything from chronic conditions like diabetes, to acute conditions like tendonitis.

Occupational therapists must have a minimum of a master’s degree for entry-level practice, and pass an initial certification exam (AOTA, 2016).

Along with OT month, it is also becoming gardening season. Stay healthy and reduce the risk of strains while gardening this spring by following these basic steps:

* Start with a small garden you can manage easily. Try to keep it near your house and water supply to reduce time spent lifting and hauling.

* Instead of lifting entire bags of mulch, fertilizer, etc, divide it into smaller loads and use a wheeled cart. Always lift with your legs, not your back.

* Consider sitting while gardening, and take rest breaks every 15 minutes. Stop before you become overly tired.  Change positions frequently.

* Select tools with padded and curved handles to protect your hand and finger joints.  Fiskars brand of gardening tools has an “arthritis-approved” line of products which are excellent. http://www.fiskars.com/

For more questions regarding injury risk reduction, or current health issues, please contact Trisha Ostrander, OTD, CHT, currently practicing in the Meridian and Caldwell locations.

Meridian: 208-895-0746
Caldwell: 208-453-8776