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How Weather Changes Affect Joint Pain

Does a change in weather mean a change in your pain? For those of us who grew up in southwest Idaho, we understand the weather here can change drastically. For those living with long-standing joint pain due to arthritis, the change in weather can mean a change in their pain. In most healthcare offices, it’s […]

Therapeutic Ultrasound

What is the Device with all the Gel? Therapeutic Ultrasound Explained! By Angeline Petersen “Are you checking for a foot baby?” That question is not one you may hear very often and may spark further conversation. Often when presented with the common therapeutic modality of ultrasound, patient’s in physical therapy question what exactly it is. […]

Review of the Pose Method by Ian Campbell

August 2017: An Introduction to the Pose Running Method A few weekends ago, I had the pleasure of attending an introductory course to the Pose Method of running, led by Albert Lu. I was joined by my sister (an interested runner), and a local Crossfit gym owner/coach. The entire introductory course took approximately 2.5 hours, […]

Solutions to Heel Pain

  Heel Pain and Solutions July 2017 With the summer months now upon us, people will undoubtedly seek out more outside sources for activity in order to enjoy the nice weather.  Whether you’re a regular walker, jogger, recreational sport player, or just an individual trying to be more active, one common unintended consequence of increasing […]

Nurse Practitioners of Idaho (NPI) Annual Conference

Over 200 nurse practitioners from Idaho and other states gathered in Boise October 14-15.  Intermountain Physical Therapy & Hand Rehab was pleased to be a sponsor for the 2016 annual NPI event. Mark Reed was there to discuss all aspects of physical therapy with the NPs. Trish Ostrander, Certified Hand Therapist, was also on hand to […]

3rd Annual Workers’ Comp Lunch & Learn

We were so pleased to host our 3rd annual Workers’ Comp lunch & learn.  Dr. Joseph Lynch and Jason Allred, DPT, presented “Rotator Cuff Tears: Perspectives from Surgery to Rehab” Dr. Lynch recently joined The Shoulder Clinic in Boise after serving as the Director of Orthopedic Surgery & Sports Medicine for the Navy.  After 8 […]